Signage of SIGNS

Last night, my friends and I walked in downtown. I realized that we are near the restaurant, SIGNS and told my friends that I am curious to check out their signage that I was asked to composite the logo and texts.

SIGNS signage

The restaurant finally put up the signage and here is.


I was speechless to see my design work right there on the signage on Yonge St. I am happy to see the result, but I am curious to see led lightning behind the logo and texts at night time.

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Process of SIGNS Logo

I was on a big project to develop a new logo for a new upcoming high-end restaurant, SIGNS in Toronto. The restaurant is indeed unique when I received the client’s vision statement.  Here is the process how I developed:

First Phase:



Second Phase:

signs 1 concept
ASL fingerspelling “SIGNS” to captivate people and make them curious to check out the restaurant. And people may attempt to imitate fingerspelling when they spotted this logo.


signs 2 concept
The dashed -lines depicts ASL motion (look at sample pictures on the left side). I replaced the arrows with fork and spoon signing “restaurant.”


signs 3 concept
“S” portraits hand motion and it also shapes ladles. Not only that, you may noticed forks in this logo.


signs 4 concept
The fist shaping “S” holding the fork. Why fork? It represents food or restaurant.


Third Phase:

The client chose third concept and I touched it up with their chosen colours as well as the font type. Here is the final product!


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RIT Golf Tournament Flyer

An alumni of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) asked me if I am able to make a simple flyer for a fundraiser RIT Golf Tournament that will be occurring in June.  The purpose of the fundraise is to raise funds for building the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) Imagination Hall in Rochester, NY.  I am happy to advocate designing the flyer:

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The Final Products of GRO Banners

Last week, I was asked to make vertical banners for the GRO booth at DeafNation Expo in Las Vegas and the GRO director sent me the pictures:

Those banners in the final products look amazing!  Also, the products will be useful for GRO’s needs in the future.

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GRO’s Banners

Global Reach Out asked me to produce new banners to publicize their upcoming workshop and announcements for their website and newsletter.

The workshop presentation was arranged by a staff, Lizzie Sorkin hosts a commission presentation at 50th Biennial National Association of the Deaf Conference in Philadelphia, PA. The staff inspired me to use a picture of her because of her cheerful personality. I made a simple talking balloon on the banner:

However the staff felt uncomfortable with her face on the banner and asked me to re-design the banner. Then I was contemplating the banner for a short time. The word ‘Philadelphia’ straightaway made me imagine the Liberty Bell. I put the Liberty Bell image under the opacity yellow-orange and I made a part of U.S.A. map to show where is Philadelphia. I added two logos of NAD and GRO on the banner:

GRO will set their own booth at DeafNation World Deaf Expo 2010 in Las Vegas.  I adjusted to warm and diminish contrast in the image that shows feelings of nostalgia. I chose a font style to fit “Las Vegas” and I used gradient and effects on the font type:

GRO needs a new permanent banner to promote their brief mission statement:

Tools: Illustrator | Photoshop

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Silent Voice Mock-Up Logo

With my leisure time, I wanted to try and give the Silent Voice’s logo a makeover.

The original logo reminded me of hypnosis.

I brainstormed with sketches:

I decided to choose the American Sign Language (ASL) sign of “I Love You” blending with the “V” in “voice.” I turned the sketch of the hand signed “I Love You” into a graphic in Illustrator. Here is the result:

I asked friends for their opinion about the first design. They mentioned that the “I Love You” sign language looks like a joyful kid. I didn’t realize that part and contemplated the “I Love You” icon. I re-adjusted the icon to the outline image of the joyful kid.

I have a hard time to pick which one I really like… How about you? Why?

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a book mock-up of…

…Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass!

I want to thank my brother, Tessar for teaching me how to distort the image on the mock-up book.  You can check out Tessar’s book mock-up.

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whimsical ‘L’ and ‘O’

I was inspired to use my last name, Lo.  I turned “L” into a camera’s right handgrip and “O” into lens by using Illustrator.  It looks whimsical and I love it.

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a mock-up logo renovation

I recently checked out Ontario Association of the Deaf (OAD) website to see updated news and I noticed its website design is better than the old one, but I noticed OAD’s logo is still the same.  I like the old logo because it is a simple design, but it was a bit dated.  Why? The maple leaf shape is too stiff and sharp and did not represent how warm the actual organization is.  Also, the letter “A” weighed heavy and looked unbalanced, I didn’t like how it did not share the same baseline with “O” and “D”.

Here is the old OAD logo:

I understand that OAD values its original logo since they have had it for many years, but I think they need a little change.  Before I started to renovate the logo, I studied the OAD logo for a while.  I wanted to keep the maple leaf look natural, so I turned it into a more organic vector and painted it with a green gradient.  I selected a sleek font type for “OAD”.



I experimented to reduce the size of “A” even to “O” and “D”.

Outline of the maple leaf with drop shadow effects…



I like #1 because it looks natural and captivating.  What do you think? Why?

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inspired by alice’s blue dress…

I read this classic story, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass” in the past months and I enjoyed it.  However, I found its book cover to be dull.  I rolled up my sleeves to design mock-up book covers for this book.

First, I sketched a running rabbit and Alice and different poses of falling Alice…

Then I scanned and traced over to make the outline of Rabbit and Alice in Illustrator.  I chose a light blue for the background for the book cover inspired by Alice’s dress.  I made a letterpress effect of the Rabbit and Alice by adding effects in Illustrator.  I thought about what kind of font faces could suit the new modern and sleek book cover.  I chose Century Gothic for the author’s name and Queens Park for the title.  Also, I added the Penguin logo.

I wanted to make a dynamic cover for the falling Alice, so I played with the title in different positions.  There are two different layouts that I constructed.

I actually liked the second dynamic cover (last) better.  But I am not sure which is more attractive.  Tell me which is one you like.

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